Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Enjoy the Beauty of Philippines from Camsur Resort

Camsur is a designation for areas of Camarines Sur in the Philippines country. This area is situated in the region of the island of Luzon. The capital of the province is the city of Pili. This characteristic is very typical town with a country that is the Philippines waters with beautiful beaches. 
 The scenery and the friendliness of the natives are well known that Camsur region developed into a tourist area that is superior. To enjoy Camsur already developed a range of beautiful resorts and completes with facilities. The following is a few resorts that can serve as a reference.

Resort of Gota Village
The resort is a result of the development of the Camarines Sur government. To reach the resort accommodation available various channels such as landline from Luzon Island or the airline from Manila airport and landed at Pili Airport. Access to the resort is located on the waterfront with a view of the green cliffs. Every tourist is getting full service in-room services, food and other necessities such as organizing a party or convention.

Lago of Del Rey
It is a luxury resort that is included in one of the water sports area in Camsur. Resort is not only to provide services in the specialty but also a variety of water sports facilities. Resort provides water rides for game kayak, Jet Ski, Swim, and water ball games. Restaurant and bar are also available at the resort. Each guest should try all the water sports facilities and resorts also provide the services of a guide for beginner players.

 Resort of Tugawe Cove 
A luxury resort is also another stand in the Camsur. The resort provides personalized service to all guests. Each room has a terrace resort which shows the natural surroundings. Usually guests will be delighted to enjoy a drink while relaxing on the patio. White sand and water sports become one of the resorts to attract tourists. The beauty of this region is the night sea creatures visible to the lights that are very beautiful and sunny weather throughout the night. This place is often used for taking photos before the wedding. Resort facilities include a package for honeymoon and various important events.

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