Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Surround Nature and Civilization in Cagayan Valley Prior to Palaui Island

Adventure around from one island to another in the Philippines has traditionally been a major tourist destination and tourists a variety of local tourist world. An island is still very unspoilt destination for adventure is true. It is PalauiIsland. For a trip to the island takes some longer by road past St. Ana. Interesting tourist destinations can be visited before reaching Palaui Island, which is Cagayan Valley. 
Many tourists who visited Cagayan Valley found this is a very complete tourist spot. The combination of culture, nature and adventure across the Cagayan Valley region is very satisfying. Natural character in Cagayan Valley is very supportive for adventure with a view of green mountains. These natures are like beaches with crystal clear water and blue, pristine waterfalls and civilization of the temple relics of the past.

Activities that Should Be Done
 Tourists enjoying the afternoon sun while tracing the river in Cagayan by renting a boat. Sights bat interdependent river bank that resembles a cave. See Relic’s native of Callao caves as tourist civilization.
One of the areas in the Cagayan valley is supposed to be visited Batanes. When they reached the place, the journey can continue to see the stone houses in the area Savidud or House of Dakay. The composition of organic rocks into the material very amazing and tourists may take photos in this place. 
 If you are a tourist who likes activities in the waters of Nueva Viscaya could visit. It is a kind of lake waters with calm waves. Some types of fish that can be consumed breed in these places and tourist fishing may be as was met they are. It can be a pleasant experience before going to Palaui Island.

 Use the Services of Tour
Cagayan valley surrounds will spend a few days to stay in a hotel or resort. Some interesting natural spots may be difficult to reach on their own, so it is advisable to utilize the services of a tour. Tour in Cagayan Valley systems typically provides service with a package between 2-3 days. All services are usually included hotels, services of a guide and meal plan.

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