Sunday, March 2, 2014

Enjoying the Beauty and Sunbathe in Patar Beach

One of the tourist destinations in Pangasinan is Patar beach. It was kind of a quiet beach with some surrounding coral. The city government has given permission to this beach to be a public beach so tourists can come at any time. Coast is surrounded by beautiful white sand and comfortable to play or sunbathe. Beautiful meadow beaches adorn the beach so that it becomes complete. Among the grasslands usually found many small stones are white. Patar beach beauty is no less than a row of beach in the city or near the Agno Pangasianan like Bani. 
Finding Resort Playing at the beach is not quite done one day or just a short visit, so it is therefore recommended that tourists are looking for hotels near the beach. One of the beautiful resorts that became a tourist destination is much Treasure of Bolinao. However, when traveling with a low budget can try some of the cottages that a lot of standing around the coast. Tourists who want freedom like the raw feel of the cottage are very viscous.
Interesting Activities
 PatarBeach waves calm character with very clear water. The depth of the beach is not that steep so that tourists may walk or swim down the beach. Some corals around the beach may be the main objective and the tourists are required to ensure their own security. Games or sunbathing on the sand prairie could be other interesting activities when it is tired after to swim. But Patar beach is not the primary purpose for the depth of the sea adventures like snorkeling or diving, and it should also not be done. 
Food to Watch Out
 For habits resort or places to eat on the beach eating seafood is offered directly processed. On the beach Patar, some fish should be avoided because it can cause harmful toxins or allergies. The fishermen did not hesitate to offer the fish to tourists and tourists themselves should have to choose a good fish to use. 
Other Interesting Sites
 Travel to Patar beach can be reached by public bus or private vehicle from Bolinau. Before getting to Patar beach tourist can visit some interesting places in Bolinau as the most magnificent cave at a depth of soil Cindy Enchanted Cave and Cave.

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