Thursday, February 27, 2014

Challenging Waves with Surfing in Blue Lagoon Pagudpud

Pagudpud is a city in the Philippines located in the north of Bangui. The city is a tourist destination that is perfect because it is adjacent to the Cordillera Mountain Range on the east, and directly adjacent to the South China Sea on the west and east. One of the tourist spots is still very naturally found in the blue lagoon.
At first, it looks like a blue lagoon beach completely untouched by humans. But the government is so great desire to develop the natural beach then some well developed facilities. Exercise is a mainstay of this water is surfing. Numerous foreign tourists come to this place to try challenging waves.

Tourism blue lagoon is also known as the Maira - ira point. This tourist area becomes very personal because it was hidden. Overseas tourists really enjoy the advantages of this place for surfing. Tourists can enjoy the waves of the beach spots anywhere without having to jostle with other visitors. Fresh air with the tropical sun is another beauty offered blue lagoon. Like the other beaches in the Philippines than this beach also has beautiful white sand and gentle.

Leisure activities in the Blue Lagoon
The water at the beach looks very serene blue lagoon with a beautiful blue sheen. This situation many travelers used to swim indefinitely even though they should be in a certain safety margin. Construction sand is soft and a little rough with a beautiful white color can also be used to relax the entire day. The state of the sea breeze was very cool and bright is making the tourists hold for some time staying at this place. Female tourists would love to enjoy the hot sun to get their skin to be a little spooky.

Finding Hotel and Food 
Although the area is still hidden blue lagoon compared to other tourist spots in the Philippines but is not difficult to seek lodging. There is plenty of lodging available as of Hanna Beach Resort, Kapulan Hotel, or resort of Punta Arul. Food can be discovered in the restaurants or bars around the beach.

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