Sunday, February 23, 2014

Enjoying the Philippines from the Best Beach Resorts in the World

The Philippines is one country that is very attractive in Southeast Asia. When viewed from the geographical characteristics of the country is classified as having developed numerous islands with tourism business. Almost all parts of the country bordering by water area like the Pacific Ocean (eastern and northern), Sulu and Sulawesi Sea (Southern) and the South China Sea (western part). This attractiveness is able to invite millions of foreign tourists to the party here. Each developed tourist area with all the amenities to pamper tourists like lodging, restaurant and lively bar all night. The following is some examples of beach resort in the Philippines that provide luxury class service.

It is part of the private islands developed into a five-star tourist area. Located in a strategic location that is Pamalican Island. All buildings are intended to give guests the impression for every tourist who comes. Nature and nuances of a tradition served with luxury services. Almost all traditional buildings with luxurious accents always have a way of access to the beach and enjoy the white sand for 24 hours. The bar and restaurant are also living all the time so that guests never feel troubled.

Resort and Spa center of Eskaya

Beach Resort One of the advantages resorts is located on Panglao Island is to provide a very personal service. The concept of the building is not shaped like a hotel but made like a private villa. Every guest who comes will feel like living in a house held by them. Every tourist may choose to rent villas and full service available at all times. Tourist women are very glad to do a spa with a variety of aromatherapy or brown with blue sight beaches. Services such as restaurants or bars are also available with full service. Every tourist should choose a place that they love. This is set at one place that is often used for their honeymoon or wedding.

Resort and Spa Center of Shangri-La Boracay

It is part of the beach resorts which offer top level service and full hospitality. Located in Boracay with scenic beaches, marine life and underwater fun experience. A spa center has a rustic feel cool and calm. Tourists will feel a familiarity that is in charge with charm.

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