Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Seeing the Beauty of the Flower Show at the Panagbenga festival

Have you heard the Panagbenga Festival? When it comes to the city of Baguio in thePhilippines, then you have to see Panagbenga festivals.  It is the only festival of flowers in the Philippines. This festival is synonymous with Baguio city characteristics are airy and bright. One feature of this city is sati found many pine trees and flowers along the way. All areas of Baguio City are aesthetically clean and very natural.

To achieve the town could use the public bus facilities from the city of Manila to take approximately 7 hours. Timing and implementation Panagbenga Festival in accordance with the meaning of the name of the Panagbenga Festival is held when the spring comes. Usually it will come in February and put in place the opening of the Burnham Park.

Events in Panagbenga Festival

The festival was organized to highlight the city of Baguio as the flower-producing town. The festival begins with a parade of vehicles decorated with flowers ridden by influential people in the city; the music will be performed by a group of marching band, as well as various attractions street dance performed by the dance groups from various regions.

Interesting Events in the Panagbenga Festival

In addition to seeing flowers in a parade of vehicles decorated with flowers than the tourists can enjoy the bazaar are held around the streets of Baguio. Various foods and traditional custom are sale for general. This time is usually used by tourists to try different types of traditional foods and crafts to buy some souvenirs.

Prepare to See Panagbenga Festival

PanagbengaFestival may not be held at the same time every year. Although spring comes in February could have it held at the beginning of the month or the end of the month. The best way not to get left behind should open various tourist sites in the city of Baguio. In this festival tourists allowed to take photos, so it's better if it comes with a camera.

When the festival is usually held Baguio city is filled with local and foreign tourists, so it's best to book a hotel or resort immigrants to get a place to stay. Sudden search will usually be disappointing at the hotel and lodging will be full of guests.

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