Thursday, February 27, 2014

Seeing the Smallest Volcano in the World from Tagaytay Beach Resort

Tagaytay city is one among the many tourist destinations in the Philippines country. The city is precisely located in the province of Cavite. Government of Tagaytay City has designed the perfect tour for international tourists. A variety of interesting tourist spots is processed in a way that is very exotic. All kinds of tours are equipped with a fully equipped facility.
Tagaytay City is one city that is very easy to reach. Tourists from abroad can arrive at this city with a travel ride from Ninoy Aquino International Airport. To reach the city center takes only one hour. Tourists can stay at a beach resort in tagaytay.

A beautiful lake with blue water is part of the attractive spots for tourist destinations in Tagaytay. In the middle of the lake, there is a volcano which may be visited by boat rent. For rent can be obtained in person or shared with other guests. It is among the smallest volcanoes which are still active today. This area provides a view of the mountains and the trees are green and look like a painting. Usually a lot of tourists taking landscape photos as memories.
One of the places to visit in Tagaytay is the People Park in the Sky. From these attractions, tourists can see the incredible views and feel like living in the sky. A view of Taal Lake can be viewed in all part of the top to the hills surrounding the lake. Balayan Bay can also be seen clearly. This place is really describing the view from the top of the sky with sunny weather and cool air.

Food and Hotel
Tagaytay City has its own convenience in dining and hotel services needs. Some famous resorts such as Tagaytay Resort and Spa center can be ordered very easily. Some tourists will usually try typical food like sinigang Tagaytay made from fish and chicken and cooked as a soup. For tourists who are looking for a challenge can try balut, a duck egg with embryo progress ate with the shell.

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