Thursday, February 20, 2014

Enjoying Holidays at the Beach All Day in Misibis Bay

Finding Misibis Bay Resort was not as difficult as imagined, because almost everyone in the Philippines knows on a private island in the island Cagraray. Access is so easy to reach this place within one hour by flight or boat if you want to become faster than that. Exceptional experience can be obtained when cross an island by boat, because there were plenty of tourists who choose this path. And like other isolated islands in the Philippines, this resort creates a vacation blend in harmony.

 Room with Full of Facilities 

All rooms are provided by Misibis Bay Resort has doors and windows directly overlooking the beach. Free access directly to the beach is also provided for some of the deluxe class. But if you always want to wear a standard room it does not matter because the average guest spending his day off at the beach. All rooms have shared facilities such as air-conditioning, personal refrigerator for storing food or beverages and a separate room with beautiful fabrics.

Fun Activities 

Misibis Bay spends all day playing with the sand on the beach would be a pleasant experience. Tourists are also extremely fond of women lying in the wood with a very attractive design. Swimming at the beach is also a thing that is no less fun, but when it is less convenient to try the swimming pool at the resort with views overlooking the beach. Some water sports can also be done for free like a paddle boat or Jet Ski.

Food and Beverage 

Resort is very complete with serving a variety of dishes from the West and the East. It's easy to get the American or Japanese cuisine. Children will also like the taste of food without spicy and delicious. All services provide on-demand satisfaction from a menu. Food packages can be achieved by selecting the promo tickets and all with the same service in another class.

Tips for Children 

Vacation will be very enjoyable for the kids and this place is very suitable for families with children. Swim all day would be liked by children and parents should bring their favorite snacks. Restaurants continue to provide services for the children, but they could have missed the snack at home.

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