Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Travel Round of Culture and Civilization the Manila City

You might've been to countries in Southeast Asia. But you should not miss a city in South East Asia is Manila. The city is a capital of the Philippines, as the country with the best beach destination in the world. The capital of this country is designed as countries in Europe such as the Netherlands or Paris. It is always connected that they inherit the nation's history Spain. The combination of beautiful beaches tour, look at the past through hits building civilization and modern life into a composition that is very fitting.

Places that should be Visit

Port with the best view of the world can be found in Manila Bay. It is just an interesting spot to spend the time until late afternoon and watch the sun sink. Views of the ships that will be locked and go can be enjoyed quite relaxed while chatting with friends or reading a book. The bay also looks like a beach in the city center because of the coconut trees that adorn all the way.

Intramuros is a definite place visited by tourists. It is a historic place with the appearance of shades of Spain. Characteristic that can be observed in this place is the wall built towering into the sky with thick dense enough. Horror and a little fear can be consulted on the dungeon. In the history of this prison is utilized to store gunpowder as a tool of war.

Makati city is the city of the financial center.  Manila as the capital city is very identical to an economic center as the center of state economic control. In this area, many found the central office with tall buildings. The specialty of this place is all that the city has a good layout and cleans. A walk in the city will be expected to be very enjoyable.

Accommodation and Transport System


To surround the city of Manila can be done with various types of public transportation such as buses or taxis. But if you want to try a new experience should try the "jeepney" Philippines which is a typical vehicle. Foreign tourists would usually stay at a hotel that can be consulted with young in the city center. Journey in Manila is not enough if only did in one day, because there is still a museum, the old churches and nightlife is very challenging. 

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