Sunday, February 23, 2014

Exploring the Beach through Beach Resort in Philippines

The Philippines is one of the countries in South East Asia which are famous for beach tourism and a variety of world-class luxury accommodation. The country is accompanied by a sea of China and the island of Formosa in the north, while the south of the Indonesian islands surrounded by the sea and the Pacific Ocean eastward. Another advantage of Filipina is this country has many islands are developed as tourist island. Some islands are renowned for such luxuries Luzon Island, Island Pawanan, Baracay Island and many more.

Frendz Resort at Boracay
Boracay Beach

Anyone would want to enjoy Boracay with a very natural way. Beach with blue water is a mainstay in Boracay. One of the resorts has to offer is situated on the waterfront with easy access. Formed the relaxed feel of the building are using bamboo and wood as a building material. Children and adults are very comfortable to continue to maintain this resort. Facilities similar to bedroom cottage have been equipped with a private toilet, shower and air con. Restaurant, swimming pool and water sports facilities provided by the inn.

Resort of Rainforest Beach

It is a model of how to live on the beach with the latest. Resort is situated on Palawan offers extraordinary beauty. Various views of the white sand beaches such as, natural coral and various types of coral can be seen directly. The inn provides a full menu of seafood is served freely. Each guest may stay and resorts in a way that they like themselves. All roads to the tourist attractions open to the good and the waitress were very friendly.

Bohol Beach Resort

Bohol is always synonymous with white sand beaches and warm atmosphere. The inn is situated right on the island of Bohol which opens access to some stunning coastal path. The design is composed inn located on the edge of the cliff makes the beach look with expansive scenery. Each room has a private path to follow to the beach. It is a resort that is very appropriate for a honeymoon or anniversary with a romantic partner. Facilities provided by the lodging facility are contained in luxury. Each room will be provided with a bed, bathroom, and a separate room between parts.

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