Monday, February 24, 2014

Indulge Yourself in Pangasinan Beach Resort

Pangasinan is a region in the Philippines with a capital of Lingayen. This area is quite suitable for tourist destinations of the world. Some character area is very suitable for traveling historical and architectural relics of ancient civilizations. Outdoor adventure and pilgrimage quaint dining is also offered with full amenities. Panoramic views of the sea and surrounding nature of the strengths of this region. With this potential, Pangasinan facility evolved with all mid-level and luxury resorts. 

Best Resorts in Pangasinan

Villa de Soledad Beach Resort.

The resort is situated on the western part of the island of Luzon in the area Estanza. To reach this resort only needs 6 hours from Manila. This can be obtained tourist facilities like accommodation from standard to luxury class, swimming pool, and play billiards, karaoke joint and provided with a meeting room. Besides taking advantage of the beach, tourists also can see the historic heritage places such as St. James Church. Development of sea urchins and sea cucumbers do in the UP Marine Sanctuary is called to order at the public. If not satisfied then they can visit and Enchanted Cave Patar Beach.

Puerto El Marina Beach Resort.

 The resort is situated on Lingayen Gulf Coast. Adopting a view of the sea this building design is still natural like home village and offers a pleasant vacation at the beach. Has a very bright sun all day and is typically used for sunbathing tourists. Full services are providing by restaurant to resort guests with dishes east to Europe. You can fish or buy fresh fish and cook it all. And it's up to you. Activity passed as the guests usually walks in white sand and some jogging as well. Children will play sand all day. The beach is expected to be very safe for swimming.

Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort.

 This is part of the best resorts in Pangasinan. All rooms are equipped with air con, fridge and terrace. There is a restaurant serving western and eastern. The building overlooks the beach and the resort is very beautiful to take advantage of. Staying here will make you feel happy and excited.

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